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By Guestblogger April Perry

By guestblogger April Perry, a mom of a two year old little boy, Living in the States. We met via Instagram (what a crazy medium that is. It makes the world so much smaller). She will on a monthly base write about fashion, interior and/or lifestyle. She has an amazing taste, she is such a sweet girl and ..Yeah!..she also got her own Instagram account. Called April Perry.Check that out.

A quick peek into mine or Quinn’s closet is confirmation that loud, frou frou, and cutesy are not our bag. You’ll see a big presence of blacks, whites, and greys dominating our wardrobes. As interior design usually takes its cues from whats happening in fashion, its no big surprise our spaces also reflect my love of monochrome.  That’s one of the reasons why the graphics of Los Angeles artist Joe Manuel Marintinez (aka Dirty Uniform) has been a favorite of ours for a while now.  If you’re a fan of modern childrens fashion you’ve bound to have seen some of his characters and graphic prints.  (Bandit Bear anyone?)  Naturally, I was beyond excited when I first heard news of his new series , The B.Bear gang.  Four new prints, each featuring a mask wearing bear, each with his (and even her) own unique accesories and style. They’re a perfect compliment to any of the previous Dirty Uniform prints and a great fit with the current monochrome movement that’s taken it’s cues from modern Scandanavian design. No cutesy animals flying flags proclaiming “mommy’s little stinker” here. Only cool, modern, mask wearing bears, grafitti style rabbits, and statement making monkey’s alluding to deeper issues.

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Quinn is wearing Gray Label salopettes from Sailor Janes  Goat Milk NYC , Alpaca Crown; Oeuf; Thumbeline , Noe & Zoe Berlin socks; Fawn Shoppe

I took the arrival of our new prints as an oppurtuinty to do a fun photo shoot with  Quinn (wearing accesories inspired by his new favorite bear) and the gang . I also recently had a word with Joe about his new characters, what inspires him to create art.


AP:  I’ve noticed many of your designs are really reflective of street art, is that what inspires your work?

JM: They are inspired by what I see in life. All of our lives really. That’s why my travel photos are #whatisee I feel we all have our own language of imagages that we connect with, so for me lots of themes follow me in my workl It’s all about good and gad. Light and dark. Sorrow and love. Whatever leaves a mark on your soul. What made your uniform dirty and different from the next.

AP: At what point in life did ou say to yourself, “This is what I want to do (art) and why? Are there any particular artists that really spoke to you?

JM:  I still ask myself if this is what I want to do. LoL It’s hard to be honest in a world thaat doesn’t like honesty. Yet, its and amasing feeling to connect with an audience then you get it just right.  What I do know is that in one way or another, whether it’s making music, photography, or writing, it’s what I do and I can’t stop. Just do it. Everyone should.


photos courtsey of Joe Manuel Martinez (Dirty Uniform)


AP :You work with a lot of different mediums. Besides graphic art, you do those amazing masks, design clothing, and sing in a band. If you had to choose just one, what would it be and why?

JM:   I don’t think I can. They each fufill different parts.. Each give a different creative high, but music, I need a group of people to do, so it’s harder. So anythig I can do myself,  whenever I want, will do just fine.

AP: Tell me about the characters  you create. As you’re creating them, do you imagine them all to have thirer own unique personality? If so, which ones your favorite and why?

JM: I have three books filled with my black and white street art. I made myself draw every night for the last year. I have a Dirty Uniform world in my head and when it’s time, I fly them out and they make an appearance . Many haven’t appeared yet but they all basically come from what i see in my life. I had a favorit toy bear, Danny, when I was small. He was my best friend. That’s why bears show up in my work. I also grew up next to a cemetary and loved plaing through the manicured landscapes like it was Narnia. I didn’t have many kids who lived near me, so I made them up and drew them so I could show my mom I wasn’t a crazy kid.

AP: Do B.Bear and his gang have any plans for the future you can tell us about?

JM:  Yes. Can’t say much yet. Stay tuned.

AP: Okay. Then what can we be looking for from Dirty Uniform in the coming months?

JM: More things you will love.

Stayed tuned for the release of Dirty Uniforms women fashion coming at the beginning of September featuring bears, the famous crux desgin and more! Trust me, it’s not to be missed!

See the rest of our photo shoot with Quinn and The B.Bear gang below and

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Interior Acessories and toys , Upollo Astronaut doll; Cissy Wears  Mause Doll by Lucky Boy Sunday, The Pixie Trunk ,, , Ninja Cube Bots, Area Ware, Rug, Ikea;




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